The 5 best styles of mirrors to make up like a professional

Enjoy a professional quality makeup created by yourself.

Finding the perfect look is one thing every woman faces on a daily basis. To achieve it, you have to focus on three main aspects: hairstyle, clothing and makeup. When it comes to the last one, it is important to have a good mirror where you can clearly see each of this elements that you are applying on your skin. There are many different types of mirrors, and this time we will be focusing on the best ones so you can apply makeup like a professional.

1- Structure with desk support

Always a good idea is to have a mirror you can take with you everywhere and that fits in any space. This versatile mirror has a support shaped like a goose-neck to allow you to easily adjust its height, it also has a clear surface where you can clearly see every detail of your face.

This mirror is wide and has the exact measurements to fit the size of any table or small board. Its flexible neck design makes it a perfect tool for applying makeup, particularly when you apply makeup products such as eyeliner or lipstick.

2- Makeup tool with lights and magnification

A frame of 24 LED lights you can easily adjust and gives you the ability to observe your makeup with different spotlights and lighting intensities. The mirror has a magnification of up to 10 times more zoom so you can apply makeup more precisely.

This lightweight, compact-sized mirror can be taken anywhere, and even when traveling. Includes a wireless mode that makes it much more versatile and allows you to use it anytime you need.

3- Mirror with three lighting colors

This is a practical and precise mirror created especially for you to put on make-up. The design includes an LED illumination panel that lights up in three different colors, in addition it has a single button that gives you access to many functions.

The mirror is fully adjustable so you can clearly see your entire face while applying makeup, plus the base can be rotated 180 degrees to give you a more complete view. The three-fold design allows you to view your face from different angles without any problems.

4- High definition and portable mirror

A mirror in which you can see every detail of your skin, which is very important when you want to look professional. This design is made with the latest in LED technology that emits a light that you can have total control over in terms of intensity and brightness.

The mirror base can be adjusted up to 90° so you can work in whatever way feels most comfortable to you. The folding design allows it to fit well into small bathrooms, boudoirs and even bedside tables.

5- Crystal with magnification for makeup

A beautiful mirror with up to 10 times greater focus so you can apply makeup, comb your hair, pluck your eyebrows and even insert your contact lenses more accurately. The design includes a frame that lights up in 3 colors.

It includes a switch to activate the touch screen, where you can easily switch between light colors and have full control over the brightness and intensity of the light.