How to Remove Underarm Stains and Odor from Clothes

All deodorants are products that leave marks on garments ,because they are composed of greasy substances, which stick in our clothes.


Unfortunately; some of these substances are extremely difficult to remove. Sometimes; even washing clothes twice can make it worse, and leave permanent marks on our shirts and blouses.

When that happens and you’ve tried different spot-removal products, but in vain; it’s quite normal to wonder: “How to remove deodorant stains from armpits of shirts?”.

In the following article; we are going to explain to you, how to easily remove old deodorant stains.

Try some of our homemade tricks, and make your t-shirts look like the latest new collection of the most famous brands in the fashion world.

1. Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide for old deodorant stains

The rinse, made with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, is one of the most effective tricks.

First, this mixture has powerful whitening qualities, which make the worst marks very easy to soften. Secondly, its antiseptic and astringent elements play a powerful role in eliminating both the accumulation of bacteria in these brands and the greasy deodorant compositions that adhere to our clothes.

For this homemade remedy, we will need the following ingredients:

4 tablespoons hydrogen peroxide.
2 tablespoons baking soda.
1 tablespoon of soap.

Preparation and treatment:

1. Mix the baking soda with the hydrogen peroxide and put soap to the dishwasher, as a preparation to clean the dishes later. We use this mixture, since it helps us to get rid of the fat accumulated in the stain.
2. Apply the mixture on the old deodorant stains in your garment.
3. When your clothes absorbs ;in the place of marks; the whole mixture, let it react together for 1 to2 hours.
4. Finally, wash the clothes as usual.

2. Remove old deodorant stains with sea salt:

Another very popular remedy to remove the ancient deodorant stains, is the use of sea salt. This is a natural product has excellent exfoliating characteristics, thanks to its texture. It helps to get both: deodorant and sweat marks off from clothes.

Since sea salt contains antiseptic power, it helps to eliminate the bad smell of the previous products. So, it leaves the garment not only with no stains, but also with no undesired smells.

Preparation and treatment:

1. Wet the piece of garment where the stains, then add some of the salt on the top.
2. Leave the condiment for 8-12 hours to react.
3.Wet the garment again and add a little more salt to the deodorant stains, that is after the determined time is over.
4. Rub your garment, so that the salt; in a certain sense ;reacts as an exfoliating. Finally when you finish, simply wash your clothes in the usual way.

3. Lemon juice for deodorant brands:

The lemon juice can be accounted as a good remedy to remove the marks, left by the deodorant on clothing. On the one hand, it is a powerful whitener that can make the typical yellow spots vanish.

These spots appear after the sweat and the deodorant get mixed together. On the other hand, it has antiseptic qualities that eliminate both: the compounds of this type of products ,and the bad smell left by these marks.

To take advantage of its properties just follow these steps:

1. Cut a lemon in half and squeeze one of its pieces on the stain, caused by the deodorant on your clothes.
2. Let the liquid reacts on the garment for 5-10 minutes.
3. Wash the clothes by hand and rinse it with warm water,as a final step.
4. White vinegar for stains

White vinegar also removes even the most ancient deodorant stains from a garment. Thanks to its richness of different acids, white vinegar has powerful antiseptic and antibacterial properties. As a result, it eliminates both: the marks left by these products and the accumulation of bacteria in the stain.

To get rid of these annoying stains on your clothes, you need to take these steps:

1. Heat 4 liters of water in a large pot, and add 125 ml of white vinegar in the same container.
2. Remove the ingredients,and make sure that it is well diluted.
3. Take a glass of the mixture, and add the remedy on the deodorant stains of the dirty garment.
4. Let it react for a few hours, and then wash the clothes in the usual way.
Another 3 tricks to remove old deodorant stains from armpits of shirts:

In addition to the mentioned tricks above, you can also try some of the following home remedies:

Alcohol: its antiseptic properties help to remove; especially ;deodorant stains on dark garments. Wet the stain with some of alcohol, and let it react for a few minutes ;until you notice that the mark is disappearing.

Ammonia: is a product that has a powerful cleaning effect, which removes even the most encrusted stains on clothing. Mix the ammonia with a little water and apply the mixture over the stains. Let it react for a few minutes, and then rinse the garment.

Meat softener: This condiment can be used to remove deodorant stains because it has exfoliating properties. Mix 3 tablespoons of softener with 3 tablespoons of water, apply the mixture over the stain and rub for a couple of minutes. Let it react for 12 hours and then wash as usual.