8 Amazing uses of eggshells that you didn’t know

The studies show that eggshells have many properties that can be used at home.


Do you know some uses of eggshell? It is one of the most common household wastes and generally not given much thought, however, it concentrates properties that can be used in many ways.

According to studies published in the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition, eggshells contain more than just an organic waste product. They have high levels of calcium, up to 40% of the composition.

Similarly, it has found to contain small amounts of phosphorus, magnesium and protein. All these properties make it a very beneficial element at home and we will tell you how to take advantage of them. We will tell you below how you can do everything from beauty care to gardening tricks:

Here are the most popular uses for eggshells, so you don’t have to throw them away.

1- Beautiful plants

Eggshell is one of most effective organic fertilizers for plants, and one study shows that it contributes to healthy plant growth in the home because of the many minerals provided.

How to use it? All you need to do is crush the eggshell into little pieces, then store it into a covered container and add hot water. Leave it in a cool, dark place for 48 hours and pour both eggshell and water over the soil of your plants. You will notice how they grow nicer and healthier.

Another way you can do it, you can use the shell to place the seeds inside and sow them directly into the ground. The seeds will grow inside the shell and after a while, the shell will serve as organic food in the soil.

2- Best vase cleaner

Cleaning flower vases or very narrow glass containers is often very difficult, especially because of the dirt that can lodge at the bottom of the container. A great tip is to mix crushed eggshells with a little water and vinegar, pour into the containers and shake vigorously. You will clean the residues that lodge at bottom of the container like magic.

3- For cleaning pots

To remove stubborn dirt from pots and pans, we recommend using the eggshell. Use it as a powder and add it to the soapy water when washing the dishes, it is powerful and not at all toxic, that is, will not wear out the material of your pots.

4- White clothes

There is no proof that eggshells can bleach clothes, but popular belief is very effective and simply introduces them into a washing cycle to reduce the impact on whites.

All you need is the shell of at least three eggs and a gauze bag that you can put in the washing machine. The shell should be crushed again, stored in the bag and placed in the washing machine. Start the washing cycle normally and wait for the results.

5- Injury treatment

Have you seen that eggs have a membrane stuck inside the shell? So next time you have a cut or scratch, you can add some membrane directly on the wound. This will help it heal faster.

6- Egg moisturizer

For more toned and smoother skin, we recommend you take advantage of the powdered eggshell. Place the eggshell into blender to completely grind it. Mix it with an egg white and apply 10 minutes on your face, and you will see the results!

7- Strong and beautiful nails

It is one of less known but really effective uses of eggshells, as a study in The New England Journal of Medicine suggests the amount of calcium it provides can be very effective in strengthening nails.

Simply crush eggshells into a fine powder and put it into clear nail polish. Shake well until it dissolves perfectly and apply a layer of nail polish 2 or 3 times a week. If you are consistent, you will notice that your nails break less and grow more beautifully in a completely natural way.

Do you need more reasons to take advantage of all your properties? Next time this waste comes out of your house, don’t throw it away. Better take advantage of all uses of eggshells in your home.

8- Dog food supplement

According to Reader’s Digest, eggshells also provide your pets with more calcium. Simply sprinkle eggshells over your dog’s food when feeding, this will help strengthen bones and teeth.