10 Reasons why sunlight a better detergent for your clothes

10 Reasons Why Sunlight A Better Detergent For Your Clothes

Sometimes we depend too much on machines to make our supposedly simpler life. But the truth is that nature itself can help us much more, besides saving us some of the economic displeasure that electrical appliances can give us.

1- It is a natural stain remover and bleach

It may be incredible, but sunlight has incredible properties that help whiten white clothes and remove stubborn stains. You also save on chemicals and rubbing time.

2- You will save electricity

If you regularly use a clothes dryer, you should know that it is one of the most energy-intensive appliances. However, the sun is always there to help you with your laundry.

3- You reduce the drying time

It all depends on the fabric of the garments, but it can take up to an hour in the dryer to have the clothes completely dry. On the other hand, if you hang them out to dry in the sun, you can have the sheets ready in half an hour.

4- Clothes last longer

High temperatures in appliances deteriorate clothes faster. This is especially true of tumble dryers, where the lint that comes out of the clothes in each drying cycle remains in the filter. Clothes that are dried lying in the sun suffer much less and last longer in better conditions.

5- The smell of the clothes

When you dry your clothes in the sun, the smell that stays with them is much fresher. No need for chemicals! Few things are more pleasant than getting into bed with freshly cleaned sheets. And if the smell is nice, so much the better.

6- Remove dreaded sweat stains

Even if the garment no longer smells after washing, when it is white it may start to yellow, especially in the armpit or neck area. A trick you may have already known is to add bicarbonate to the detergent. But if this technique does not convince you, try leaving the garment in the sun for several days and the sunlight itself will whiten it.

7- Clothes do not shrink

No one likes waiting for a garment they plan to use to come out of the washer or dryer and have it come out much smaller than it originally was.

The dryer causes the fibers in the clothes to shrink, and therefore the garments shrink or warp. Tending the clothes in the sun avoids excessive heat on the clothes and thus maintains their size and shape.

8- The sun and lemon juice: your great allies

Lemon juice is a natural whitener, as its acids help to remove stains. If you mix lemon juice with salt and rub on the stain, you will get a better result. Tend the garment to the sun to dry and then wash it with cold water. With very difficult stains this operation may have to be repeated several times.

9- It doesn’t cost anything!

The only thing you need to follow all these tips, talk about your clothes longer and save both electricity and products, is a rope or a clothesline and wooden pegs. That’s all the investment you’ll have to make to start drying your clothes in the sun.